Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crispy Lime Cilantro Wings with Sriracha Sauce

I know what you might be thinking.....ANOTHER recipe from Michael Symon?  But, when I saw him prepare these recently on The Chew (ABC), I knew that I would be trying them soon!  These hot wings are prepared in a somewhat normal fashion:

1. Marinade (a mixture of lime juice, olive oil, smoked paprika, sugar & salt)
2. Bake (prior to frying, reduces time spent in the frying oil)
3. Fry (he used DUCK FAT, not readily available, so I used peanut oil)
4. Sauce

However, the huge difference lies in the sauce.  It is a sauce consisting of Sriracha (Asian hot sauce), cider vinegar, honey and butter.  This combination of ingredients is incredibly spicy/sweet/salty all at once!  It creates a wonderful finishing glaze after being fried, and ends with a garnish of sliced jalapenos and cilantro leaves.  I urge you to give them a try, as they have become my new "go to" recipe for wings!!
Here is the recipe:

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