Sunday, March 25, 2012

Michael Symon's Pastitsio

So this week I tried a recipe from "The Chew" on ABC.  It was chef Michael Symon's Greek dish, Pastitsio.  It is a layered dish with a meat (ragu) type sauce, tube shaped pasta (mustacholi), a bechamel cream sauce, and a top layer of cheese,Greek yogurt and eggs.  The time stated on the recipe was 60-120 minutes, and it was indeed an hour before I got it into the oven.  It was labor intensive, although no difficult technique is required, it uses almost every pot and pan in your kitchen by the time you're done! I took pictures at the vaious stages:

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This is the meat/eggplant ragu when completed.

 Bechamel (cream) sauce
Egg, yogurt, cheese topping

The layering process

 The finished dish

So, did we like it?  Yes (only one person was indifferent).  Am I making it again?  Not anytime soon. It was good, but in my opinion not good enough for the time/mess factor.  Sorry Michael!
Note: the recipe suggests using Kasseri cheese in the topping, which I bought and used, but did not think it brought much to the dish for the added $6.00, so go with the parmesan instead!

Here is the recipe: